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Note: This column mainly includes countries along the Belt and Road and countries that have signed cooperation agreements with China on Belt and Road Initiative.

Serbia 2015
Population, million 7.1
GDP, current US$ billion 36.1
GDP per capita, current US$ 5080
Poverty rate ($5/day 2005PPP terms) (2013) 14.5
Life Expectancy at Birth, years (2014) 74.8

The rapid growth experienced by Serbia during 2001–08 was driven mainly by domestic consumption and led to significant internal and external imbalances that proved to be unsustainable.

The economic program for 2015–18 focuses on ensuring economic and financial stability, halting further debt accumulation, and creating an environment for economic recovery and growth to foster employment and raise living standards.

These goals will be achieved primarily through fiscal consolidation measures and an acceleration of structural reforms to remove existing bottlenecks to economic growth, including reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), creating the foundation for faster growth and private sector–led job creation over the medium term.

Source: The World Bank